We kicked off June with another LIVE episode of the podcast! We talked about Reading Rainbow, gushed over Mukpuddy’s work, loved the “Song of the Sea” trailer, and discussed Sony VFX house Imageworks leaving the US for greener tax credit pastures of the great north in Vancouver. But not before we could talk about Godzilla and Maleficent, however… two movies on opposite ends of the spectrum in numerous ways. Thanks to everyone who showed up for the live taping and joined us in the chat room… you’re all awesome! This week’s title comes courtesy of Andrew Kaiko in the chat, Pat Ryan simultaneously coming up with it in the podcast, and all off Rob’s weird, periodic ramblings. Oh, and we finished with some limericks and Pat serenades us with an original song after the music at the end.


(20:04)   Reading Rainbow funded and then some!!

(30:31)   Mukpuddy’s “Dead End Job”

(37:51)   Explanation behind Sonic’s new design

(42:03)   Autodesk’s Draco Lets You Animate An Illustration In Seconds

(46:12)   Pixar to release Renderman to the public for FREE

(51:00)   Awesome New Images from Hayek’s ‘The Prophet’

(55:54)   "Song of the Sea" trailer

(1:02:33)   "Book of Life" trailer

(1:13:43)   Sony VFX Imageworks leaving the US for Canada

Reading Rainbow team reacting to getting funded

Mukpuddy’s “Dead End Job” animated short

Demo of Autodesk’s new Draco program

"Song of the Sea" trailer

"Book of Life" trailer

Clip from episode 2.10 of “Comedy Bang! Bang!” which was centered around a long comedic commentary on greenscreen/VFX

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This week we have listener submitted questions (!!) but not before talking about the “Big Hero 6” trailer, “Happy” the happy meal mascot, and a couple other stories. Also, what would The Rubber Onion podcast be without some weird tangents? Behold as we talk about music we don’t like and discuss the merits of the Michael Bay opus, “Pain & Gain.” And on a serious note, thanks to everyone who’s been listening and supporting this podcast! You’re awesome and really have made doing this fun and worthwhile week in and week out, through travel, tech issues, and diseases. We started with a little episode “zero,” still going strong at 30 and don’t intend on slowing down! We’re here to stay! Insert Drake reference! 


(11:05)   "Happy" the happy meal mascot

(19:12)   "Big Hero 6" teaser trailer

(28:13)   tangent: talking “Pain & Gain” on Netflix

(34:43)   Netflix Confirms Sony Animation Deal

(45:30)   Pixar’s “Inside Out” Plot Details


(51:26)   Andrew Kaiko: "This is for all 3. If u could go back in time, what period and place would you go to and why?"

(1:01:15)   Walt Landon: "I want to know your guy’s thoughts on all the newer mainstream cartoons that are on tv for kids."

(1:10:30)   Nathan Viney: "2d made a small come back with princess and the frog and winnie the pooh for Disney. Do you think there is any hope a return of that? Especially after the success of their 2 latest cgis"



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Andy Serkis is an ass. We talk about that & the stuff he said in a recent interview but 1ST… “MIKE TYSON MYSTERIES!” This is a thing, you guys, it’s going to be on Adult Swim’s 2014 lineup and it sounds amazing. We also talk about the “Akira” live-action fan film trailer & Adam Sandler determined to ruin one of my favorite animated shorts from 2010, “Pixels.” Rob and Stephen recorded this a day early so Pat recorded his thoughts on the stories and is dropped in randomly throughout the podcast just to confuse your brain… just listen for the bell, which heralds The Pat and says that he’s near! But seriously, Andy Serkis is an ass. 


(14:35)   Adult Swim 2014 lineup includes ‘Mike Tyson Mysteries’

(26:52)   Adam Sandler producing movie based on ‘Pixels’ animated short… due next summer

(46:02)   "Akira Project" live-action trailer

(54:53)   Andy Serkis is ill informed, and kind of an ass

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